Superyacht Owners Accounting


We assist with the design and support of yacht managers’ fleet financial processes

We work with yacht managers to provide financial administration for their fleet and fill a critical knowledge gap through our experience in both yacht management and the private client industry.

There are often additional costs and risk for owners as both the corporate services and managers provide financial support to their yacht. Breaking the Mould Accounting works with managers to remove the unnecessary costs and ensure that there is a single source of truth for all the financial data on each yacht.

Working with managers, we can also ensure their owners’ fiscal liabilities in each jurisdiction are under constant review and that the administration remains consistent with the advice received by the owner.

We assist with the design and support of yacht managers’ fleet financial processes, giving them the freedom to focus on the technical and operational aspects of their roles with clients.

With the number of yachts growing significantly and new build and refit order books at capacity there is increasing pressure on businesses to find the resources to expand their management capacity.

We are the Xero Cloud Accounting 
specialists in the maritime industry.

We can help you alleviate your bookkeeping burdens cost-effectively. We can help you get real-time data so that you always know what you’ve spent and what expenses are coming up. We can help you use your figures to make improvements and plan for the future.

Removing a yacht manager and expecting a captain to provide the level of service you want (while also doing all the accounts) won’t work. What will work, however, is a fully-functioning virtual finance department complete with the services of a virtual CFO. This is what will plug those financial gaps. This is how you can control costs while ensuring that your spending aligns with your ambitions.

Did you know that with the traditional accountancy model you are actually paying for the work to be done twice? With cloud accounting, it starts from getting the books right, the accounts structured right, and once that is done, with the touch of a button you, your VAT agents and your corporate service providers should be able to get the information you need.

We are talking about cloud accounting. With cloud accounting, you can always see up-to-date numbers and be in control. Combine this with an outsourced finance department, and you can also have access to a heavy hitting Finance Director on a part-time basis to provide business planning, calm guidance and oversight.

We have extensive experience of operating virtual finance departments for clients in the maritime industry, so whatever your requirements, we can create a bespoke package that suits your needs and budget.