Discover an accountancy business that understands your world.

Breaking the Mould Accounting will help you navigate the complexities of managing your yacht, crew and supply chain.

Imagine that you can enjoy every aspect of owning or operating a luxury yacht, without the hassle of worrying about your accounting and yacht compliance.  Handing over to your accountant not only gives incredible peace of mind but saves time, money, and extremely costly mistakes. Investing in a financial professional is a no-brainer, after all, you outsource to the experts when it comes to other aspects of the yacht operations, why would you not do so with arguably the boss’s most valued possession, his or her money!

Sounds like bliss doesn’t it?

As much as it sounds like a dream, it can in fact be a reality. Unlike other accountancy businesses, we won’t just help you have your cake, we’ll help you eat it too. As well as answering your questions and helping you to be compliant, we will go that extra mile to help you have the experience that you deserve when it comes to owning or operating your yacht.

We will help you not only take complete control of your finances using cloud accounting but to understand them too.




How can we 
help you?

Yacht Owners


We know that a lot of owners and captains want to know two major things: what it’s going to cost to enjoy the yacht and what expenses are coming up.

Whether you’re the owner or a great captain, you’re not an accountant, so why spend your time on running the numbers and ensuring your accounting records are correct? Why sacrifice the quality of service for administration?

As well as keeping you compliant and helping you to consistently be in control of your cash flow, we can help you use your figures to inform big projects too.

Yacht and Fleet


We’ve had enough experience in this area that we know what’s important to you: budgets and relationships. How would you like to be in full control of them?

We can help you have the figures at your fingertips so that you can tell the yacht owner what the budget is and how much you’ve spent at any time. We can help you manage all of the accounting above board so that you can keep up with changes in regulations. We understand the requirements of corporate service providers and can help you manage these relationships. By giving you more time to improve your service, we can help you increase your margin and experience real peace of mind.

Marine Business


We understand you are running a business and in this industry your client relationships and service are paramount. You want to know your numbers in real time, manage cash flow and identify any problems early.

Whether your maritime business is your main business or a sideline to make your yacht earn its keep, we will save your time and worry about your financial affairs.

And yes, we will take care of the boring financial compliance stuff in the background too.

Yacht Accounting


So the numbers are 
sorted, but what 
happens next?

What if you had a top notch Finance Director on board to provide oversight over the complicated bits and to work with you to take your great ideas and turn them into actions? To help you interpret the numbers, reach your full potential and achieve your business goals?

Great! But if you’re like the majority of small and medium sized businesses and either can’t afford or don’t need a full-time FD on board, talk to us – our outsourced FD services might be just what you need.

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