Yacht Operations Management.




This is important for you for two reasons:

We can use our specialist knowledge of the industry to ensure that your yacht and maritime business has robust fiscal due diligence, and;

We can ensure that the accounting is done correctly and that the data is readily available to you and is reviewed in real-time.

Breaking the Mould Yachting’s range of Yacht Operations Management services includes:

  • Coordination with Flag State on Statutory Requirements
  • Insurance;
  • Parts sourcing and storing;
  • Provisioning assistance
  • Berthing Globally
  • Bunkering arrangements
  • Initial flag registration
  • Annual flag surveys and renewals.
  • Administration of Class Survey fee agreements
  • Provision of 24/7 technical support and advice
  • Technical input to insurance claims
  • Review of oil and fuel sample analysis reports
  • Itinerary planning

About Alasdair Milroy

Virtual CFO and Chartered Accountant for Yacht Owners, Managers and Captains

As a Chartered Accountant, Alasdair Milroy has spent many years working closely with individuals and businesses helping them with all things financial. Up to this very day, he is a member of the Institute in Australia New Zealand, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, and STEP. You could say he is a truly global accountant.

In addition to this, he has also worked in financial services within the UK and Guernsey for over 20 years gaining valuable industry experience at board level; his most recent position being Chief Executive Officer focused on the Superyacht services both in Guernsey and Malta.

As well as having a strong financial background, Alasdair also has a longstanding love of the industry. His father was a merchant seaman and Captain in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA); Alasdair was christened on the Sir Tristram RFA, and he spent many years of his childhood visiting ferries, container ships and bulk carriers.

Alasdair’s life has always had a connection to merchant mariners and the challenges of life at sea, so when he combined this with his training as a Chartered Accountant and his industry experience in financial services, it’s no real surprise that he went on to launch his own accounting practice. One that he could provide a more specialist and personal service.

Introducing Breaking the Mould Accounting Limited. Providing modern digital accounting services focused on using a technology stack based around Xero or other Cloud Accounting software, the firm primarily works in the maritime sector with yacht management, captains, owners, and family offices.

As a Superyacht Accountant and with his own firm, Alasdair has developed a high level of trust amongst clients and industry professionals within the maritime industry.